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"Lincoln Financial" cast me as a financial professional in a photo shoot with renowned British photographer, Platon, known for his famous portraits of presidents and well known world figures. He is so talented and amazing to work with!!

I worked with Judy Greer and Luke Wilson playing the role of Janice Williams in the coming-of-age film, "Measure of a Man," also starring Donald Sutherland. This project shot in beautiful Rhode Island and should become available in spring/early summer of 2018.

Both my husband and I are in a scene with Tom Wopat in the film "Fair Haven", now available on most on-demand platforms, Vudu, Google Play and Itunes.

My husband and I are scheduled to work together on a commercial for WCVB in Boston guessed it...a husband and wife! We'll be jumping around in our jammies for a high end bathroom room company called "Splash".

I recently enjoyed a photo shoot for "Biolage" hair products in Brooklyn, NY and left at the end of the day with extra body and shine.

If you live in beautiful PA, watch for my "Independence Blue Cross" TV spot. I'm the friendly and informative spokeswoman with good advice on health insurance.

I was cast as Katherine, the dead wife, in the touchingly fabulous "Lifetime" movie, "Spruces and Pines." All my work was done in a sound booth in Boston, MA so watch for photos of me and listen for my disembodied voice this holiday season!

Donning a lab coat and stethoscope, I recently taught "real" doctors how to talk to their patients about HEP C in two awesome videos, shot in NYC.

Just last week I drove to NJ to pose as a Doctor for the cover of "Heath Monitor Magazine."

Tune into episode 4 of "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" on Netflix and see my "Buhbreze" commercial, Tina Fey's twisted version of "Febreze." My silly scene kicks off the show.

This holiday season, Netflix, On Demand, and Lifetime will offer "The Spirit of Christmas". I play the supporting lead role of Molly Bell in this spooky romantic ghost story that shot in MA.

Updated 11/11/2017
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