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I just came off a photo shoot for the pharmaceutical "Austedo" where I portrayed a woman in various stages of depression. The acting skills came in handy on this one!

Check out "The Sleepover" on Netflix! I was cast as the persnickety teacher, "Mrs. Westenfeldt," opposite the hilarious Ken Marino. It's an awesome family fun adventure with a cast of seriously talented kids! We even made the Top-10 list!!

In Season 2, Episode 10 of "Manifest," I play an ER doctor doing her thing.

I recently enjoyed being the business manager in a series of videos designed to train workers on proper office etiquette.

On Season 3, episode 6 of HBO's "Divorce," I play Phoebe, a member of the board of psychologists who judges a desperate Molly Shannon's mental wellbeing.

Lifetime's popular movie, "The Spirit of Christmas" keeps making a come-back. I play the supporting lead role of Molly Bell in this spooky romantic ghost story that shot in MA. "Bustle" listed "The Spirit of Christmas" the NUMBER ONE holiday movie to watch in 2018!! My guess is, it will be back for another run next year, and many more to come.

Perhaps you saw "Christmas Camp" over the holidays? I appeared briefly as Haley's Mom, opposite Lilly Harrison.

I enjoyed production on the independent short, "The Man," which shot in upstate New York. My character, Helen, was a crude and judgy woman who really knows how to drink.

I played Doctor Larson opposite Danielle Macdonald in the feature film, "Skin.". This full length feature comes after its creator, Guy Nattiv won The 2019 Academy Award® for the films promotional short!! Aaaaand, unfortunately all the doctor and nurse scenes didn't make it in the final cut.

If you come across the indie, "Measure of a Man," look and listen for Janice Williams, Joanie's mom. I worked with Judy Greer and Luke Wilson in this coming-of-age film that also stars Donald Sutherland.

Tune into episode 4 of "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" on Netflix and see my "Buhbreze" commercial, Tina Fey's twisted version of "Febreze." My silly scene kicks off the show.

Updated March 2021
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